By listening to customers and prospective customers, the company’s strategic aim is to provide a flexible service. Client projects are implemented on the basis of adaptability and the technical ability of internal teams and our ability to integrate external skills from suppliers and partners.

Despite the fact that it is a small company, due to its adaptability and reactiveness, BONNAVION Secure System has the energy to respond to client demand, pulling together the human and material resources at its disposal. BONNAVION Secure System is committed to being reliability, building on its foundations of human and corporate certification, financial balance and continual investment.

The strategy is based around six pillars of growth:

  • Intensification of client prospecting (objective of €4 million in 2018)
  • Certification (plan to be EN9100 certified in 2017 and will then target 15085)
  • Welding experience (integration of an international welding engineer by the end of 2016).
  • Transfer of skills (offering training in machining thin-walled complex parts from September 2016)
  • CSR commitments which are shared with our stakeholders
  • Maximising our production resources, focussing on the production area
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